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Post by Zage on Mon 31 Aug 2009, 5:25 am

Mini mafia is a small version of mafia, created for fast play & quick results.

Mini Mafia games have 10-12 players,

The rule are the same

Votes to lynch a person must be in bold or they won't be counted. This
is to make votes official and prevent confusion from people making

2. You can only cast ONE VOTE PER DAY. If you would
like to change your vote, please unvote the username in bold and then
vote the username of the new person you would like to lynch in bold.

You may vote for a NO LYNCH. If a majority of people vote for NO LYNCH,
this means that no one will be lynched at the end of the day.

. If you vote for a NO LYNCH, you are not allowed to comment anymore
until the next day. Except to change your vote, from which point you
will be able to talk again.

THE THREAD!!, unless your role or a PM from us says that you may do so.
This continues to apply after you're killed and until the game is over.
Obviously I won't know if you're PMing about this game, but it's not
advisable for your sake either. You never know who you can trust.

6. Only current players may post in this game. Others/The deceased will have to wait until the next round.

DO NOT quote your role or any other PMs from me. To do so will result
in automatic modkill. You're free to claim your role, if you wish, and
to paraphrase a PM from me, at your own risk (It would be best to check
out with one of the Hosts beforehand if you are going to do this).

(a). You are supposed to act as yourself, not as the character you have
been assigned. This makes it too obvious who you are. The
characters/anime/premise just give an enjoyable, interesting background
to the game.

8. Days will end when a majority vote is reached,
and night will ensue. Once it is night, I will make sure to let
everyone with night actions know either over PM/MSN/text message, or
link them to the thread. All night actions are due before the posted
deadline IF THERE IS ONE (or if I hurry you along). If your choice is
not submitted by this time, a random choice may be made, a default
choice may be made, or no choice may be made, depending on your role.
Feel free to PM me to clarify what will happen in the event that your
particular role does not submit a night choice by deadline.

If you anticipate being unavailable for more than 24 hours, please post
a notification in the thread. Please treat this game as a semi-serious
commitment to the other players and contribute regularly.

Please do your part to make the game enjoyable for everyone. Abuse of
other players (that's not in good fun) will probably not be tolerated.

The game will begin with DAY, so that everyone has a chance to play at
least a little. EVERYONE CAN POST DURING THE DAY (unless you are
dead/have voted for no lynch). Days last as long as it takes for the
required number of votes for lynching or no lynching.


Active contributions must be made towards the game. As such, posts must
contain more than a lynch vote or just non-game talk. Try to take the
game semi-seriously. Initial failure to comply will result in a warning
from me.
14 (a). Any player who continues not to post/contribute
enough during the course of a Day Phase will be subject to MODKILL. (At
least 2-3 game related posts per phase shouldn’t be too hard)
(b). I realize that certain circumstances may prevent certain players
from contributing as much as they would like during the course of a
phase. In such cases, as long as you made the circumstances aware to
me, you will not be subjected to a Modkill decision.

15. Please
include the following phrase in your first post to prove to me that you
have read these rules: "text to confirm players have read these rules "

Same layout

Everyone who is playing is sent a role by
PM. Some people will be ordinary townsfolk, some people will be mafia,
and some people will have special roles, such as the ability to
investigate people in the night, or to kill for the town, or to save
someone who would be killed, among others.

The game starts in a
'day phase'. Everyone knows who they are, and the mafia know eachother,
but the town don't know who to trust. In the day phases, everyone may
post, and everyone may vote to lynch one player. When a majority lynch
vote is reached, the town breaks out the torches and pitch forks and
kills the lynchee.

Then, night falls, and nobody may post. All
night actions are done by PM. In the night, the mafia kill someone.
Also, other roles that have night actions will send their choices to the GM
by PM. Once the GM has everyone's actions, they will write a story detailing
the night events.

The game ends when all the mafia is dead, or all the town is dead.

that playing this will be a bit of a commitment. Excessive inactivity
will result in a modkill to speed the game along, and also keep in mind
that the silent one in the corner is always a target of suspicion.

this is truly a Fun game, but does require activity.

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