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Post by Zage on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 3:42 am

System Wars is similar to Mafia, Yet there are no Role PM's or set amount of players, No time limit & no Night & Day phase.

Rules for System wars

0)Anyone can join within the first 3days.
1)PM the name of your chosen character to the GM.
2)You can NOT change your character once you have started posting.
3)Act as the character you chose, not as yourself.
4)DO NOT post who you are on the thread.
5)votes to lynch must be in bold.
6)You can only cast ONE VOTE PER ROUND. If you would
like to change your vote, please unvote the username in bold and then
vote the username of the new person you would like to lynch in bold.
7)There is NO option of a nolynch in system wars.
8)The round ends when a majority vote is reached, by the current players.
9)Please do your part to make the game enjoyable for everyone. Abuse of
other players (that's not in good fun) will not be tolerated.
10)If you have any questions, LET ME KNOW ASAP.

Layout of System Wars

-A theme is chosen by the GM along with a list of names of characters from the theme.
-Everyone that wishes to play must pick a character & PM it's name to the GM, once they have done this they may begin posting.
-each round ends once a player have been voted off.
-The GM will post a list of who has been voted off & what character they chose.
-the game comes to an end when only one of each character on the list remains.
-The players left tell the end are the winners

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