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Post by Zage on Sun 30 Aug 2009, 10:28 pm

Nano mafia is a smallest, slower version of mafia.

Nano Mafia games have 6-8 players,

The rule

Only current players May post
in this Thread, The deceased may post in the corresponding Limbo
thread, Others will have to wait for the next round of sign ups but
they may also post in the limbo thread if they wish to talk about the

  1. You can either Lynch, No-lynch or Unlynch
  2. Lynch votes must be in bold, or they will not be counted as a lynch.
  3. One vote per day, per player.
  4. I
    you vote No-lynch, If the majority of the players vote No-Lynch no one
    will be lynch & it will change to the night phase, NOTE: Once you
    vote No-Lynch you can't post in the thread for the rest of the day
    unless it is to Undo your No-Lynch, from which point you will be able
    to post again.
  5. Day phases end when a majority Lynch vote has been reached, During the Night phase NO ONE may post in this thread, & those with night actions can send Me a PM saying what they wish to do that night.
  6. DO NOT DISCUSS THE GAME OUT SIDE THIS THREAD, unless your role PM says other wise.
  7. DO NOT Quote
    your Role PM from the GM, You may however reword your PM, This is at
    your own risk, you may find your self hunted by the mafia if you reveal
    a role such as the Doctor or Investigator.
  8. Act as your self, not the character in your role PM.
  9. If you're think you may be away from the forums for more then 24hrs, Leave a post saying so, this will save you from being replaced.
  10. Please be nice to your fellow forum members, Abuse of others (that's not in good fun) will not be tolerated.
  11. Activeness will be nice as they will help the game move forward even if it is just to say you are online.
  12. Include
    the following phrase in your first post to prove you have read these
    rules :3 "quote to prove players have read rules here"

Same layout

Everyone who is playing is sent a role by
PM. Some people will be ordinary townsfolk, some people will be mafia,
and some people will have special roles, such as the ability to
investigate people in the night, or to kill for the town, or to save
someone who would be killed, among others.

The game starts in a
'day phase'. Everyone knows who they are, and the mafia know eachother,
but the town don't know who to trust. In the day phases, everyone may
post, and everyone may vote to lynch one player. When a majority lynch
vote is reached, the town breaks out the torches and pitch forks and
kills the lynchee.

Then, night falls, and nobody may post. All
night actions are done by PM. In the night, the mafia kill someone.
Also, other roles that have night actions will send their choices to the GM
by PM. Once the GM has everyone's actions, they will write a story detailing
the night events.

The game ends when all the mafia is dead, or all the town is dead.

that playing this will be a bit of a commitment. Excessive inactivity
will result in a modkill to speed the game along, and also keep in mind
that the silent one in the corner is always a target of suspicion.

this is truly a Fun game, but does require activity.

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