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Post by Zage on Sun 30 Aug 2009, 9:14 pm

Forum Rules 1.0

Welcome to Point Zero: Mafia Game forums.
Point Zero is purely created for the forum game known as Mafia.
The game is played by a group of people, each playing the role of either a murdering mafia member or an innocent towns person, along with a GM(Game Moderator). At the beginning of the game, night falls, and the mafia family members become aware of each other (by
communication from the moderator). They then choose a victim, and the
moderator announces the death scene. When day breaks, the town must try to weed out the evil by lynching someone they suspect to be mafia. The game continues, alternating between night and day, until one side is eliminated.
The game of Mafia or wearwolf (in the living world) is usually run with playing cards representing the possible roles
in the game. The moderator secretly distributes the cards to the
players, then has everyone put their head down/close their eyes. During
the night, the moderator "wakes up" the mafia, and they silently choose
a victim. During the day, everyone discusses, argues, screams, and
eventually votes for someone to lynch. The cycle repeats until the endgame.
Point Zero, is devoted to the online version of
the game. As far as anyone knows, this version was first attempted in
August 2000 on the Gray Labyrinth.

There is the original forum Mafia Scum this site is more of those within the pacific ocean.
The Wiki for mafia to help you get a better understanding for the roles & the game it's self.


  • Be civil! Being nice to your
    fellow forumers means they can be nice to you. Playful teasing is
    allowed, but not to an extent where it can cause emotional damage.
  • Spam
    and die. As in, if you are caught double-posting or being a twit, then
    we will swarm. And you will SUFFER. By spam we mean adverts. Going off
    topic is not spam.
  • Sigs cannot be too long. 250x500 pixels only.
  • Use your brain when posting. Be careful what you say. The internet is not a safe place to talk about personal details.
  • We
    do encourage the use of proper spelling and grammar, but you will not
    be reprimanded for spelling errors. We just think that a forum with
    nice, tidy, literate posts seem MUCH better than posts which are
    "sumfin liek dis".
  • Swearing is allowed, but please be mindful that there may be younglings on this site.

If you do not adhere to these rules, you will suffer the consequences.

More rules may be added later as we see fit.

Don't be too scared of us. Very Happy We are nice.

Thank you!

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